Adventures in printing Part 2. It’s really long because there’s no easy way to explain these things. Today we look at some printing terms and how to size your files for print! Part 1 (Colourspace) here, and Part 3 (Making InDesign PDFs) here.


Printing Adventures Part 3, or possibly the longest post ever (I actually maxed out my image limit). Today I try to explain how to use InDesign CS5 to make PDFs! It’s actually not too hard once you wrap your head around it, but new programs and processes can be intimidating. Following on from Part 1 (Colourspace) and Part 2 (DPI, bleed, resizing).

A summary of localization changes to Henry's character


All right, I finally wrote up a brief reference for this with full citations. Enjoy.

Pokémon The Origins : Subbed Episodes



So, you put your Windows computer to sleep for the night. You come back the next day all eager to wake it up and put it right to work on that thing you’ve been working on and ….


Oh no, this won’t do at all — you’ve seemed to have lost all pressure sensitivity and high resolution tracking! Well, you figure, why not go check the driver settings. Maybe it’s just groggy and needs a little morning reminder? You go to your Control Panel, click on Wacom Properties Configu—-


Ah. Well then. Isn’t this interesting?

Now, you figure, there’s only one way to recitfy this: save your work, close all your programs, and do a full system restart. What a fun time this is.

But HOLD ON! There’s another way yet! Try this out first before pulling the plug:


Open your Start menu (or press the Windows Key) and simply type “Services”. There will be an icon at the top of your list which appears to be two small gears with the name “Services.” Double click that and look what happens next:

imageScroll down the list and select “Wacom Professional Tablet Service" from the list of services and click the little "Restart" link in the column to the left. Now simply wait for the service to stop and start itself back up again!

If for some reason, clicking this little “Restart” button makes matters WORSE, the failsafe approach is the manual restart. Double click the “Wacom Professional —” service and a window will pop up.


Manually stop the Wacom driver by clicking the clearly marked button. Wait for it to shut down, then start it back up again when the button becomes visible. Once restarted, click OK!

Test your Tablet now in Photoshop. You may have your pressure sensitivity fully restored!

IF NOT, well then simply close and reopen Photoshop, which will be nice and quick since it (and your work) are still loaded into recent memory. It surely beats having to restart the whole computer!

Now, providing you’ve done it correctly, (really now, how could you not,) you should find your Wacom’s pressure and tracking sensitivity fully restored! AND you’ll have access to the Tablet Properties config app once again!

Celebrations! For discovering such a wonderful little time saver.


Edit: POINTS! to konirathax.




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Here’s what I’m trying to say in gif form. I rambled insanely.



The blue layer is set to reference.


Then you can do this.


And this.

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Jotaro Saito Designs

I am just in love with this designer so badly. That hooded Haori is just pure fashion porn. This is like my traditional Japanese version of suit porn.